Sleepless Cinderella: PARTY Guides

Here are guides that will help you get the best endings in the respective routes.

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Note about event guides: All links will take you to the Event Info Posts, which include as much information about the event as I can give as well as contributions given to me by readers. If I manage to get a guide before the event starts, the full guide will be posted here. Once the event has started and I have an Event Info Post up, the guide here will be deleted and replaced with a link to the guide on the Event Info Post.

Common Route Guide

Main Story Guides

Yuzuki Kitaoji Main Story Guide

Yuzuki Kitaoji Season 2 Main Story Guide

Ryoichi Hirose Main Story Guide

Ryoichi Hirose Season 2 Main Story Guide

Noel Aijima Main Story Guide

Mirai Kageyama Main Story Guide

Chihaya Koda Main Story Guide

Satsuki Kitaoji Main Story Guide

Satsuki Kitaoji Season 2 Main Story Guide

Hibiki Shiina Main Story Guide

Current Event Guides

Final Event – Sleepless Prince – His Secret Story
Yuzuki Ryoichi Noel Chihaya Mirai Satsuki
Stage 1 B. Are you really sorry? A. The interview sounds fun. A. Gaze at her. B. Let it go. A. She looked relaxed. A. Let’s go.
Stage 2 B. It’s our little secret. B. I wanted to see your shocked face. A. Take her home. B. Agree to it. A. Thank them both. B. My secretary, Raito.
Stage 3 B. Are you guys dating? A. You don’t have to. A. Write a love letter. B. Cancel today’s meeting. B. Dodging the subject. A. She’s just a journalist.
Happy End
February 1, 2015
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    Why do they have to make the early clear so hard?! The Rainy Day event was the easiest to complete out of the three? I really wanted those eyes too…

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    Where are the ans for the current E? E has not finished yet and now i do not know answers for Chihaya

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  • AnimeFreak20

    For Mirai’s route for the event, I chose “Sorry” and “Yuzuki’s in a lot of movies” and I got both of them correct.

  • shinx009

    Mirai Stage 1: Sorry, were you waiting long?

  • Kitaminn

    When do the fevers usually start for the early clear bonuses? Is it 30 hours before the bonus ends or is it 29 hours?

  • Naomi

    Do you know when Chihayas route will be coming out?D: I thought it’d come out with this reform campaign..

    • No idea. I haven’t heard anything yet, but I will make a post about it when I do!

    • Lucinda

      Actually, since both Mirai and Satsuki were added to the main story on their birthdays, it’s likely that Chihaya will added on his, also. His birthday is September 17, so his route should be added then.

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    Europe event Satsuki:
    Stage 1: A – Thank you
    Stage 2: B – I was working

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