Be My Princess: PARTY Guides

Here are guides that will help you get the best endings in the respective routes.

*Please note that any and all Voltage Inc. game guides posted here on NooBabble are made either from me (Shabby) personally, or are given to me from personal sources. I will never post a guide or walkthrough here taken from someone else or from another blog/forum/etc., and I’d rather that these guides not be reposted anywhere else (for the same reasons as I would not like for the Releases to be reposted). If there is ever a time that I post a guide that is from someone else, proper credit will be given to the person providing the guide as well as a link to their blog/forum/etc. and the link to the guide on here will lead to the original post. In that case, I will never post a guide without the guide owner’s permission.

Note about event guides: All links will take you to the Event Info Posts, which include as much information about the event as I can give as well as contributions given to me by readers. If I manage to get a guide before the event starts, the full guide will be posted here. Once the event has started and I have an Event Info Post up, the guide here will be deleted and replaced with a link to the guide on the Event Info Post.

Main Story Guides

Wilfred A. Spencer Main Story Guide

Keith Alford Main Story Guide

Roberto Button Main Story Guide

Joshua Lieben Main Story Guide

Glenn J. Casiraghi Main Story Guide

Edward=Levaincois Main Story Guide

Butler Zen Main Story Guide

February 1, 2015
  • Rach Green

    Omg! I cant believe it! Zain will be joining too!! Soon, it’ll be the other butlers as well? I hope so!

    • Shabby

      Yup! Unfortunately, he won’t be released until later :\

      Yes, at some point we will be getting events where the Butlers get routes. In the social version, the first time a Butler got a solo route was a year after the game was released. I think it was a New Year’s event. We should have gotten that one in English GREE, but it was skipped. But since we now see that Voltage has released a brand new event with brand new stories, there’s now a chance that we’ll get a Butler solo route even sooner! Hopefully!

  • Lena Su

    sorry to bother you with my questions recently, but is Zain’s bday like right after the secret royal night event? OAO

    • Don’t worry about it! ^^

      Ah, it looks like it.

  • Hello!

    Uh, I’m not sure. My guess is that we’ll be getting the June Bride Town Event after the Secret Royal Night Part 2. I haven’t heard anything set in stone yet, so don’t quote me on that.

    • Lena Su

      OK, thank you very much! ^^
      since one of the rules for the town events is that you can’t take part in the event if you’re on the common route,
      so if you’re playing the common route for thr 2nd time, after you just finished a prince’s route, will the common route also takes a couple of days to complete it?
      or will the common route take only a few minutes like when we first started with the game giving us free love passes to get through the common route?

      • You can only play the Common Route once. Once you’ve completed it, you will never be able to play it again unless you restart the game from scratch. After you’ve finished a Prince’s route, you will be asked to select another Prince. With that in mind, you don’t have to worry about not being able to participate in the Town Events if you’re already on a Prince’s route. ^^

  • Kay Estes

    Hello Shabby. How do you complete both endings to get another avatar? Is it the secret ending twice or the happy and secret route?

    • Hello!

      You will get an avatar item for completing the Secret Happy and Secret Normal Endings. For completing the Secret Happy Endings, you will get a dress avatar item. For completing the Secret Normal Endings, you will get a matching hair avatar item.

      Completing the Happy Ending will give you just the illustration, with the Normal Ending giving you nothing, I believe.

  • Unfortunately, you can’t change routes in Events until you clear that route. :

  • Lena Su

    Hey Shabby, can you please walk me through the process of data transferring my account onto a new phone?
    After reading quite a few discussions on Google, I still don’t understand::>_<::

    And one of the discussions said something about a Google account on android?
    They said that if I'm using A's Google account on the old Android phone, I still need to use A's Google axcpunt on the new phone in order to continue with my old game, is that true?
    But can I use B's account to play the game with all my data on the new phone? @_@

    I understand the part that I have to register a transfer password and ID on the old phone first, but what do I do after?
    Do I keep the app on the old phone, go to the new phone, download the app, and then do what? DX

    Please enlighten me with your knowledge again Shabby! Thank you in advance! <3

    • Ack, whoops.

      This is for Be My Princess: PARTY, yes?

      Hm, I don’t think it matter with this game? Since you can transfer between even Android and iOS. The Google account thing is for the app version games. In the case of app versions, you have to use the same Google account to play the stories that you’ve bought. It won’t work if you try to play them on another Google account. So if you bought, for example, Leon’s Main Story in Star-Crossed Myth on [A] account, you can only play his Main Story on [A] account. You don’t be able to play it on [B] account, because that story wasn’t bought using [B] account.

      For Be My Princess: PARTY, this is what you do (I have yet to do an actual data transfer, but it should go something like)
      – Once you’ve registered your password, install the game on your new device.
      – Let the OP play, and then tap the “Transfer Data” option on the screen after the OP.
      – Type in your ID and the password you registered for it.

      After that, you should get your data restored to that device. Make sure you register a new password to it immediately afterward.

      I hope this helps!

      • Lena Su

        Thank you! but if I add another Google account, account B, onto the old phone, will I able to play BMPP on account B too on the new phone?

        • I think you should be able to since the game and your data is already installed on the device. I don’t think your Google account is important considering you can play on either Android or iOS. The only time you need to make sure you’re connected with your [A] account is when you want to make purchases. If you don’t, you might end up paying with [B] account. In that case, you might be safer by making sure Google Play is displaying [A] account before you make any purchases. I haven’t tried it so I can’t be 100% correct, but I’m pretty sure that’s how it works.

          • Lena Su

            Thank you sooooo much life saver! XD

          • I think I got the letters mixed up whoops. If [B] is the account you use to buy stuff for yourself, then make sure that that’s the one currently active in the Play Store. I don’t know if it makes a difference which account is active, but better to be safe. Like I said, as long as you do a transfer data, I don’t think it matters what device you’re using to play it. Just make sure to check you don’t lose what things when you transfer data. I know with MFW: P you can lose your Coins if you transfer data, but I don’t remember if the same goes for BMP: P.

  • Anastasia Yulita

    Hi, Shabby.. just wanna ask, do you know how we sell items from our closet? I Already read the FAQ, but still cannot sell my items.. When I tap the icon (ex: long hair), it just show how much charm added from the item.

    • Hello!

      Go to your Closet and find the avatar item you want to sell. Make sure that you are not wearing it. If you are, take it off and tap OK. Once you’ve done that, look for it again. Tap and hold down on the avatar item, and it should give you the option to sell it.

      I hope this helps!

      • Anastasia Yulita

        Thank you, but still no option to sell.. it shows like this.. T_T

        • Ah, I’m sorry, I have no idea then D: You should contact Support and let them know. It might be a bug.

  • Miyuki

    Hello! Do you know around when zain’s route will come out? I already finished one prince, but im not sure if i should start on another prince or wait for zain. Thanks!

    • Hello!

      Zen’s route for the Royal June Bride Event will be released June 30th (tentative).

  • Lena Su

    Hello Shabby!
    Is the events’ order still like before for the Tanabata event with a town event, and then a story event?
    And if there is a town event for Tanabata, will it also start immediately after the June Bride event ends?

    • Hello!

      As far as I’m aware, we’ll be getting a Tanabata-themed Town Event next. As for when it will start, I have no idea, but I wouldn’t put it past Voltage to release it as soon as the June Bride event ends :

      • Lena Su

        Thank you! Then do you think Zain’s main story will be released along with the town event?

        • I’m not sure, but I doubt it. In the off chance that he does come out with the Town Event, we should be prepared just in case.

  • sandumirabela

    Do you think we will get Glenn’s bday first? I want to take a break :), and Glenn’s E is perfect for it. I kind of dislike his personality.

    • That’s how it looks! We should be getting Glenn’s birthday event after the Town Event ends, followed by the Tanabata events.

  • beth

    Didnt someone get the ecb in the princess star featival too? Or am i the only one?? :(

    • I didn’t get it either, and neither did some other people. It looks to be a glitch? It’d be best to contact Voltage through Support and let them know about it. If it was a glitch, they’ll send it as soon as they can to our Gift Boxes. (Something similar happened in Glenn’s Birthday Event where we didn’t get the Town cake, and it was sent to our Gift Boxes soon after.)

    • Blood of Olympus

      I got it too. I’m pretty sure others did as well.

  • dairo

    Hey! I have one question connected with event. when I finish one princr during this summer event I have to gather LF for another one still or what? I am wondering atm how it worls

    • Hello!

      Yes, once you finish one Prince, you’ll need to raise LF for the next one. Whatever LF you needed to raise for yourself when choosing an ending, that’s how much you need to raise for each one separately. For the current summer event, you need to raise 9,000 Individual Love Factor between choosing a route and selecting an ending. This has to be done for each route if you want to clear each Secret Happy End.

      Also, each LF Mission needs your Team Love Factor, which shows up as “Total” on your MyPage. The LF you get with the help of Event Mates is added to it to help you out with them. The LF Mission requirements always increase as you continue through multiple routes.

      I hope this helps! Feel free to ask for anything else if you need more help!