[Kissed by the Baddest Bidder] Rhion Hatter Main Story Guide

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Note: These answers are guaranteed to get the arrow to reach the far right of the Love Meter, unlock all Secret Chapters and Illustrations, and give you the Secret Ending. To get the Good Ending, make the selections other than the ones written here. To get the Happy Ending, make varied selections without going full Secret or Good route. If a guide is needed for the Good and Happy Endings, let me know and I’ll add it. The Secret and Happy Endings are the same, but the Secret Ending is the only one that comes with a CG.

Episode 1
A: Stare back at him.
B: Say you’re Alice.

Episode 2
A: Agree with him.
B: All of them.

Secret Chapter
Special Illustration Unlocked

Episode 3
B: “Thanks for the compliment.”
A: “Yes.”

Episode 4
A: “So many things…”
A: “They look like real stars!”

Episode 5
B: Give up and smile.
B: “The door opened so suddenly…”

Episode 6
B: “Are you hurt?”
A: Don’t say anything.

Secret Chapter
Special Illustration Unlocked

Episode 7
B: “There’s something I need to tell you.”
A: Brush it off with laughter.

Episode 8
A: Say the compliment made you happy.
B: Grab it.

Episode 9
A: “I’m happy to see you again.”
B: “That’s just his aethestic.”
A: “I was worried.”
A: “I’m touched.”

Episode 10
A: “Wonderland is full of fun things.”
A: Rest your hands gently on his shoulders.

Secret Chapter
Special Illustration Unlocked

Episode 11
A: “That can’t be right.”
A: “Okay.”
B: Save Rhion!
A: “I believe you can.”

Episode 12
A: “It’s embarrassing…”
A: Blame Rhion

December 6, 2016
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  • lemonadetea

    Hi there ! I have seen your post about MFW : P and SLB : P…Is there any possibility that both game are on the verge of discontinuation ? The one that still pretty suspicious is SLBP actually, since someone mention that voltage skipped(?) three events and you also mention that there’s no news about upcoming story / battle event…It’s pretty weird since it’s like voltage contradict their own post on tumblr (the new year card) since it’s implied they want to continue to release the content to slbp…

    I confess that I haven’t touch slbp for few months now and has switched to tenka but It’s still unfair to those who really enjoyed slbp :(. And to be honestly speaking, If voltage decide to discontinue slbp after their first year anniversary, I don’t think people want to play any of voltage party app anymore, Since they didn’t see any reason to play a game that will be discontinue after one year and not to mention party app is so expensive…I still seeing people are so bitter over GGP until today.

    On the more brighter side, I currently played Shigezane’s route on tenka and It’s so painful ;___; I already like him since his introduction on Masamune / Kojuro route but his own route is so angst but beautiful ???

    • Hola! I wouldn’t be surprised if they were, considering what we already know. Yeah, Voltage skipped three events in SLB: P. There’s a Battle Event right now, but it’s the one that was recently in Love Ballad, so I’m very nervous about that…. The last time Voltage did that, it was to cancel GG: P. I don’t know if they only released this Battle Event because of the new year, or if it’s because they don’t see a future in SLB: P anymore.

      Yeah, I don’t really touch it other than just skipping through events for the avatar stuff, but I agree. Even if the translations still aren’t any better (again, I have no idea if they are or not), having it in English gives something to fans who can’t play the game in Japanese. If Voltage discontinues SLB: P, I highly doubt any current player will want to touch another PARTY game unless it’s one that they’ve been specifically waiting for. And honestly speaking, unless those players are in love with OTBS, there’s not much to look forward to for PARTY games. Mirror Princess would be considered “too new” for old players to invest in if they’ve already decided to quit PARTY games. They’ve got no connection to it like they would with OTBS. At least GG: P players have more of a reason to be upset considering they can’t even play it at all anymore, unlike BMP: P and SC: P.


  • I’m glad to see the campaign, it gives the idea that they’re still working on the game outside of other usual campaigns. I can’t recall if SC: P had an anniversary thing, but I’m pretty sure that GG: P didn’t.

    I hope that’s the case. I don’t remember what the other two events are, but I really do want to see the ayakashi event because of Yukimura…. Maybe they’ll skip the re-released events so that we can catch up?

    It’s always disappointing when Voltage cancels a game, especially when we end up missing out on stories and events. The only other options for Voltage to choose from as their next “PARTY” game are Room Share and BMP2. Room Share didn’t look like it did too well here, and BMP2 EK might just be another temporary game like Love Tiara was. I feel like Hana Yori Dango and Hana Kimi are out of the question because of other copyrights. Yeah, now that I think about it, it is. I was thinking it might be because HLitF, SitS, and MSB still have a pretty good size following here, but at the same time, the social games seem to be the ones that would bring in the most money/downloads/users/etc.. Maybe social games have a different requirements they need to fulfill to stay alive?

    Another player gave me the gist of what happens in his route and i’M NOT READY FOR THE HEARTACHE OKAY

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