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(Please take into consideration that I haven’t completed this route using this guide, but these answers should be correct. If they are not, please feel free to let me know so that it can be corrected.)

Episode 1: Meet the Superstar
A: “So, what’s your cousin like?”
B: “I’m not his girlfriend.”

Episode 2: Down to Business
A: “I’m here to be your assistant.”
A: “I couldn’t do that.”

Episode 3: Fooling Around
A: “I’m still doing this.”
B: “What’s wrong, coming up blank?”

Episode 4: Close the Distance
B: “Are you really okay with this?”
B: Look at Kyle.

Episode 5: Troubled Times
A: “I’ll ask Serena.”
A: “Who’s that?”

Episode 6: Invitations
B: “I’d like to say something first.”
B: “You had me going there.”

Episode 7: The Informant
A: “It wasn’t that bad.”
B: “What about you, Kyle?”

Episode 8: Dark Side
A: “Thanks.”
B: “I want the truth.”

Episode 9: Gone
B: “How’d you know?”
B: “Because I want you to be you.”

Episode 10: His Heart (Super Happy End)
No selection

Episode 10: Say It (Happy End)
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Epilogue: Missing
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September 12, 2016
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  • lemonadetea

    Have you seen the latest announcement for GGP ? Voltage won’t update the game anymore D: and I don’t know whether it’s coincidental or not, but it’s seems most of party games are always cancelled after one year…since it’s happened to SCP too. I actually not surprised that voltage decide to suspend the update for GGP, ever since the survey about past events sales, GGP didn’t have a ads on the other party games, the story treats where you can get the CG & stories for halloween, Christmas, and the wedding(?) events, the apps didn’t get maintenance even though both slbp and mfwp have maintenance at 20 September…

    Now I just hope slbp won’t suffer like this D: we’re almost close to one year anniversary at February…but I’m little bit optimistic since I can see voltage put an effort to slbp, I just recently check the tea garden costume and I see both Mitsunari and Ieyasu get their first battle event costume (a yukata and a fan) which the Japanese version didn’t get…So, let’s just hoping voltage won’t screw slbp this time ><.

    • I have! I was worried when my source showed me the title to the event because of that survey you mentioned, and when I looked up the event in JP version it was one released just three months ago…. I’m not surprised that it got cancelled, but it doesn’t make it any less disappointing. Maybe Voltage is doing the thing where they keep a PARTY game going for a year and then decide whether or not it’s worth continuing? That would explain why it’s always one year and not more or less. I’m not even sure how many people play it since I don’t see much talk about it as much as MFW: P and SLB: P. I read through Alex’s and Izaac’s stories, and I have to say I was rather disappointed. That has nothing to do with the game itself, though, and a lot to do with the fact that I watched the show before I played the game. As much as I hated the stuff going on by the characters, it made for more interesting stuff. GG: P fell flat in comparison, namely because (to me) it felt like they were trying to make everyone out to be “good people” even when they weren’t and did everything they could to keep the heroine out of the awful parts. It was more like Gossip Girl universe where the heroine is a person you occasionally see in the background. They only added her into important events just so she had a reason to know what was going on in order for the story to progress. I could make a list of things that GG: P had to do to fall in line with the way that the show was written, but I’m pretty sure people who didn’t watch the show would have been so frustrated by it and dropped it ヽ(。_゜)ノ Whoops, I rambled…..

      I WILL BE SO DISAPPOINTED IF SLB: P GETS DROPPED. As much as the translations grate my nerves, I really do love playing what I can of it. The stories are amazing, the avatar items are gorgeous, I just love everything about it. I don’t mind going through the JP version, but it takes f o r e v e r for me just to get through one chapter. The events would be a nightmare ;;OTL Then there are parts that I have no idea what it’s trying to say…. I’m still waiting for the event where the heroine gets posessed by the yukionna to come out in English just to know for sure, once and for all what the heck happened with Yukimura’s grandfather. Oooo I think I remember something about those avatar items, so I hope you’re right! Hoping that SLB: P keeps going strong!

  • It was? I thought it might have been easier since you can carry over Points for the Endings if you repeat a route. I guess not : I know for a fact that GG: P was one of the first PARTY games that was incompatible with some models of phones. At the time GG: P came out, it didn’t work with my phone. I had to use a pretty much useless one to even download the game because I wasn’t at a point to get a new phone (≖_≖)” I doubt other people had the same problem, though, since all my phones are always really old ;;OTL Oh gosh, I remember those Battles. It’s ridiculously difficult, especially if you don’t have high lvl friends or the friends you have don’t play much/at all. Have you watched the GG show? Or did you play without the show? It felt very unimpressive to me because I watched the show, so I don’t know how it would have been if I played without the show. Oh! I don’t plan on playing Liar!, no. I’m not fond of mini-games in otome games. I like to play them like reading a book, so I don’t like for them to be too difficult to get through. From my understanding, it’s very user interactive and since it’s a social game, it sounds like it’ll be one of those that if you go wrong, you have to start all over again. I don’t think I’d last very long if I keep making mistakes ;;OTL

    I think if we get another PARTY game, it’ll be Mirror Princess. I finally got to understand what the marks on the reports mean, and it looks like HYD isn’t doing good, but Mirror Princess is. SLB: P isn’t doing as well as LB JP, but it looks like it’s doing good enough that it should still be going? It looks like it, and I can’t wait! Yukimura’s was the only one I read through because I saw the CG and wanted to know what happened to the heroine. It was a really interesting story! I didn’t get to go through the other stories, though…. Were the others good, too?

  • Ah, I see. Then I guess it wasn’t as easy as Voltage made it sound? I was sure they said the Chemistry or whatever affection thing didn’t reset if you finished one character and then picked the same one to do again. So much for that, I guess ┐(‘~`;)┌ I don’t remember much lag in GG: P, but I know for sure BMP: P kept freezing and lagging on me…. Oh, I guess I didn’t get that far for the Style Factor thing. I wouldn’t recommend watching the rest of the show…. I really don’t like a lot of what the characters do. The only reason I kept watching was because of BlairxChuck. I was happy to see that the series finale was mainly focused on them because I couldn’t care less for Serena by that point e___e I don’t mind the art style for Liar, just the game mechanics. If it’s tedious just to get through the route, I’m not gonna want to play it…. Oh wow, really? Well, the game is under the Novel Type category, so I don’t know what to expect from it.

    Probably. I’m pretty sure the next game announcement will be for 容疑者たちの甘いたくらみ. I don’t remember PARTY and app games coming out at the same time in English, though I don’t have the best memory…. The avatars are gorgeous in Mirror Princess, though. If the same BMP/SLB: P translator works on it, at least I’ll be able to play it as a dress-up game >_____> Is HYD the same as GG: P when it comes to the main characters? Or do you actually pick the routes of the main guys from the manga? Ooo, I just looked it up. $50k still sounds like a lot, but it’s nothing compared to the $400k that Sesnortower reports Tenka got. They’ve both got the same number of downloads, but wow is that revenue gap huuuuuge! I really hope that SLB: P is still making the numbers to be continued here. Ah, I see. Oh, I didn’t know they each had something to do with a different spirit. I had thought it was just Yukimura’s, but that makes sense. Now I’m even more excited for it!

  • I stopped playing it early on, so you probably lasted longer than I did aha ;;OTL I didn’t pay much attention to the fashion of the series other than noticing the type of clothing Blair and Chuck wore. Blair wore a lot of preppy-ish stuff early on in the series, and Chuck is always wearing suits (I’m assuming because of his father). And either the high school never had a proper dress code or Serena just didn’t care about it and dressed how she wanted as long as she had the plaid skirt and tie??? Egh. Yeah, I don’t remember anything from their promotional stuff about any type of dress-up mechanic. Oh wow, really? Other than the 40 and 38 year olds, the ages look normal to me.

    Since Liar is considered a Novel type game, they might just have it released as part of their usual “schedule” of releasing new app games. I see a lot of people boycotting Voltage (whether or not they call it “boycotting”) because of GG: P’s cancellation, and I just sit there with my head in my hands. I understand that they’re disappointed, but I can’t stand that they can’t understand that Voltage needs to make business decisions that we might not like. I don’t get why people have to hate on Voltage and the other games because of it. They do realize that any digital purchase is like that, right??? Oooo, maybe because of the princess theme? They all look so fancy and royal~ LOL Maybe so? I know any kind of F2P game can be addicting. I have family and friends who have spent loads on F2P games across PC and smartphone, and even on Facebook (lol Farmville and Zynga). Maybe if otome games were as popular here as they are in Japan, PARTY games would be hitting just as much revenue. Mention Farmville or Clash of Clans to anyone here, and they know exactly what you’re talking about. Mention any F2P otome game, and you get confused looks. A lot of F2P players I know have always paid in games for power-ups, time-speed items, storage space, level-ups, etc. kinds of things, so maybe more people here would rather have games with more player involvement in the mechanics? To the average person, that sounds a lot more fun than just reading a story.

    • lemonadetea

      Haha I think so ^^; I didn’t remember a lot when I’m first time playing GGP…Most of my friends are really liking Blair’s clothes lol, mainly because her style is very lady like ish I guess ? I think Serena’s clothes are cute too, albeit it’s not something I want to wore everyday to college / work place ^^; I remember people complaining that one guy look so old…I guess it’s the 40 years old one…
      Have you tried liar ? I have tried it and I don’t know whether it just me, but the heroine really annoy me to death…I get that voltage want to make her more relatable (???) to the players but she come across as rude, obnoxious and her gold digger tendency makes me want to quit the game…and the guys are legit creep me A.LOT, I don’t think I’m going to continue play it…since I don’t think I can play a game with an obnoxious heroine…sorry, I take the usual voltage heroine over her…I prefer someone who are kind and gentle over someone who are pretty rude most of the time.

      I actually already tired with the ggp drama thing and the most hilarious part is, some people who didn’t care about ggp suddenly made a long post on tumblr blaming voltage like ???? they didn’t care for the game when the game still active and now they act like voltage is the ultimate villain. This is the main reason why I felt people should at least pay for the F2P games since we know they’re not really that big compared to other F2P games like candy crush and the other….I understand that people seeing buying things like extra closet, energy heart, or things like that as “unnecessary” and some are didn’t care for reading mini stories like epilogue or the birthday stories -__-. Since I really like slbp, I end up paying quite a lot of money just to support the game…to be honest, I’m pretty anxious seeing the game 1st anniversary is quite close…
      Yep, I love seeing the dress from mirror princess since it’s so cute and regal ><, especially the recent halloween gatcha one…I love the eyes and the dress *____* but I dislike gatcha so much since I keep getting duplicate -___-.

      • Yeah, Blair is very proper most of the time, and she wears clothing in the same likeness. It makes sense that her dream is to be a princess and she holds herself very high (she practically considers herself like royalty, I suppose). I… don’t like Serena’s style lol. Though I might just be remembering the outfits I hated ;;OTL I have no idea what kind of outfits they were given in GG: P for gachas and all. No, I haven’t tried Liar. It never really piqued my interest, and I’d rather not play that game without a guide. Neither of my sources have played it, so they don’t have a guide for me either. I’m more of a “make a mistake and immediately redo” than “make a mistake and hope for the best” type of player when it comes to otome games. I don’t like the idea of messing up and then having to restart the whole thing again, especially in a game where you are limited in how much you can play per sitting. Ergh, the first thing that came to mind with that description was VEUSA. *WL&SN flashbacks* I hate seeing otome game heroines being written as “rude” in an attempt to make her seem “strong” and “relatable”. No, I don’t see her as either of those, I see her as just plain rude.

        Sounds like they just want to cause a ruckus and paint Voltage as the bad guy. I’d understand if the people writing that were dedicated players of the game, but it’s off-putting that non-players would go to that length just to make Voltage seem like an awful company. Not to say that Voltage doesn’t have problems, but still. I’m glad to hear that you want to support the game. I’m really hoping that SLB: P will last. It’s not like BMP: P in that it has a limited lifespan, but that doesn’t make the worry any less there….

        I hate gachas…. I never get anything good lol. The only time I ever did was probably in MFW: P when I got a hawk after who knows how many spins. ;;;OTL

        • lemonadetea

          I like Blair clothing style since her clothing is same as mine ^^; I get that Serena’s clothing is little bit…off, It’s quite flashy and I never like flashy clothing or some kind of that haha ^^;; I see…I only tried to play until the 2nd liar and just drop it =( I really can’t enjoy it since the heroine is so rude and the guys are plain creepy or questionable….I can understand why people are like it, since the heroine is “different” compared to the voltage heroine and the whole searching evidence are quite fun…

          I just recently see one user in slbp spamming another users talk board to making petition to voltage, her complaints are very weird since she complaining about people who are high ranker (which mean they’re spend lot of money) along with the story events thing (she complained about tanabata story event held on October, Sure it’s not accurate but she should understand that slbp just released at February and not to mention we get the story event promos that postponed the events altogether)….I have seen people are also bashing high rankers too, which pretty sad since they are the one who keep the game alive orz. Haha, I’m just pretty anxious too ;____;

          I only get luck on few gacha on slbp (the autumn walk one and the summer one) since I even get the background ; ; usually I only get a ton of duplicate orz.
          Btw, have you watch yuri on ice ? that anime get popular on very short time o___o I actually like it but I really hope the fanservice thing can be toned down -___-, seriously the amount of BL undertones are way too much for a sport anime…and honestly I’m pretty sad seeing most of my favorite artists decide to leave their other ships just to draw yuri on ice ship ;___; I hope it’s temporarily tho since I didn’t like the ship that much orz.

          • I love the style that Blair wears! Yeah, Serena’s is very flashy in many ways. There have been times where I’d see her wear something and I’d wonder if anyone in real life would actually even enjoy wearing soemthing like that…. Oh wow, that was really short. I remember seeing a comment on FB saying that the heroine speaks like a teenager, so I’m wary about that. I honestly don’t mind “different” heroines as long as, you know, they’re likable characters. Being rude does not make a character likable to me. It’ll just make me dislike them.

            What the heck?? Why is she going around spamming people??? Event timing being off is not a new thing and it’s not a huge bother, so why complain about it now? I don’t know what’s going on with high rank players and the hate that they’re getting, but I also don’t understand why people feel the need to be mad at them. There’s no point.

            I care more for kimono than the background lol. I always only get the socks or shoes, though ; ;

            Ah, no, I haven’t. I don’t think I will, though. I don’t watch anime anymore (except very rarely now), and BL isn’t my thing. Regardless of whether or not Yuri on Ice is a BL anime, there’s enough suggestive that I don’t want to watch it. Nothing against BL or anything, it’s just not my thing. Oh, ouch. Maybe it’ll pass over? Not many artists continue to draw the thing that they’re currently obsessing over, so give it a bit of time and I’m sure that they’ll tone it down or move on.

          • lemonadetea

            Honestly beside the heroine personality is a biggest turn off, I didn’t find the guys to be great or memorable =| and also the whole cool point thing is a grindfest, even more worse than the party game since I heard some people even buy coin just to pass the cool point thing….Ugh, I didn’t want to insulting the heroine but she’s come across as gold digger since she just judge everything by how the guy take her for dinner / lunch, insulting one of the guy who playing games (which pissed me off), and lots more…I didn’t mind if she just little bit sassy but the liar heroine is just…..

            I don’t know how she think is polite to spamming people’s board, she keep saying to making petition and whatnot but I didn’t understand her point, since she whining how she can’t get ranking item anymore due to the competitive nature on slbp…I don’t know why people keep hating those high rankers, it’s just annoying since people has accusing some people as cheaters now -___-.

            Haha, me too ^^;; I often aiming for hair or eyes but end up with ton of duplicate x___x. I heard you won’t get lot of duplicate if you try the 10 spin thing…

            I see, I only watch it since people won’t stop talking about it lmao and yeah it’s more better to stay away from the show if you didn’t like yaoi ^^; since there’s way too much undertone on one episode o___o, I really doubt this show will have a long lasting popularity like one piece, naruto, or attack on titan since the main market are female only and we know when there’s new sport anime come out people will move their interest ^^;; Hahah…I hope so, It just pretty weird seeing those artists suddenly changing their interest like that…hopefully it just temporary like you said ^^.

          • Ergh, yeah, that doesn’t sound like a game I want to play. If I ever do, it won’t be any time soon. I’d rather invest my time in a game that I actually enjoy. I don’t mind spunk in characters. Sometimes I really enjoy it. I don’t know how I feel about “sassy”, though. Every time I see that word, it’s used to describe someone being rude….

            It’s not polite, it’s just plain rude. If she keeps going after people, it’s harassment. I don’t understand why she would keep doing that. It can’t be helped if other people are willing to put more time/effort/money into the game.

            Oh wow, but the 10 Spin thing is expensive…. I don’t get enough Pearls to try a gacha more than the free spin. I’d rather use the Pearls for Closet space. I really do wish I had enough money to buy enough Pearls to get more stuff…. I would have killed for that Yukimura coordinate….

            I’ve only seen a few screencaps of the anime, and already I can tell lol. Yeah, it seems to be the type to just be hyped up and then fade off. And we also know that anime for women don’t last very long, period : Oh gosh, I know that feeling haha. Just give it enough time for the hype to die down and everything should go back to normal. At least until the next hype, which is hopefully something that you like as well.

  • I’ve seen some comments say she’s funny, but I don’t know. I thought the heroine of White Lies was funny sometimes, but other times I just couldn’t stand her. I’m all for strong female characters, but I don’t like seeing them being portrayed as rude and arrogant. That’s true, but at least they’re trying. Even if I end up not liking the heroine in Liar, I can still go back to the heroines I do like in the other games. Too bad my most favorite won’t be updated again…. /sobs for BMP

    I hated Shingen in the common route. He didn’t just “almost”, he absolutely did. I’m not sure what to think. In the parts where he’s givig Yukimura advice about having sex with the heroine, Shingen seemed very sincere in his advice and showed he had respect for the women he slept with. But since he assaulted the heroine still believing she was a boy, does that mean he takes none of that consideration to the men who swear themselves to him and his cause??? As much as I don’t feel like playing his MS anymore, I can’t say I’m not curious as to what he says about what he did to her. Like, what the heck was going through his mind at the time he forced himself on her and what was going through his mind when he realized that he had done something like that to a woman? I almost cried for the heroine when she was had the nightmare over it. It showed how very different the situation was in Shingen’s place as compared to the other times in other routes where someone forced themselves on her. Yes it showed her fear and how awful it was, but afterward she still felt safe in the castles and with the other men. With Shingen, she did not feel the least bit safe at all.

    Now that I think about it, I don’t think I ever got any of the good items in premium gachas. I’ve never gotten a BG, and the only outfit I’ve gotten were from one of MFW: P’s Mythical Goddess gachas because I spun it around 10 times trying to get Athena’s outfit. Other than that, it’s always been accessories or shoes. I don’t think I’ve ever even gotten any hair or eyes ; ; I honestly wish I had the money to spin as many times to get everything! ;OTL

    I think every fandom goes through something like that, so it’s understandable. -Narutoflood flashbacks- If you think you need to take a break, go ahead and do that. If logging into Tumblr or Twitter is doing nothing but put you down, it’s good to take breaks every now and then. Pick up a good book or video game, or binge-watch a TV show. “Window shop” online and look at stuff that looks nice or go to websites like Bored Panda or NotDoppler and relax. Or get together with friends and go out and do whatever you usually do, whether it be going to the movies, going out to eat, or spending hours doing nothing at home. Just do something that you enjoy doing and that’ll take your mind off of it. It’ll cause less stress for you and you might come out feeling a lot better. Don’t let something like this ruin your fun!

  • Oh gosh. I’m not sure if I can handle that. I’m tired of seeing immaturity in these games. Or in general, at least. I don’t know, maybe I’m just at a stage in life where I just facepalm or roll my eyes as those things because I’ve seen it so much already. I’m tired of reading something and thinking, “was there a point to writing this?”

    It really put me off. Same here, I don’t think I’ll be able to enjoy his MS for a while even with the curiosity. Even Nobunaga never pushed her that far. I haven’t played Ieyasu’s route, but I was sure nothing like that happened in his route, either, as far as the heroine being so affected by it. Honestly, I think Nobunaga and Ieyasu are the scariest of the guys, and that says a lot.

    I think I saw something about that, leaving messages to real life figure skaters. I can’t stand those types of fans. I remember there was a published article about One Direction a few years back about how their fans were affecting the singers’ relationships because the fans kept shipping the singers with eacsh other and harassing them to date each other and all that crap. Like, I know fans can get really bad, but I didn’t think they’d get bad enough that the idols/famous people would get so affected by it and have to comment on it. I can’t comprehend how someone could ever think doing something like that is the least bit okay. The idols/famous people shouldn’t have to come forward for people to realize they need to stop. I really hope the figure skaters don’t get too affected by this, because this is so out of reality that I’m still in utter disbelief about this being an Actual Thing.

    • lemonadetea

      The writing for that game is so immature >___>, I used to think the game will be more serious or even realistic compared to other voltage game but It’s a mess sadly…The flirt minigame thing question is also pretty messed up, some of the “correct” answer are just plain disgusting or weird…

      Yeah, I don’t even want to know what happened in his MS if he act like that on the common route –” And I’m agree with Nobunaga route, his route is also very pretty hard to digest to me…And have you seen Shingen’s message for the recent BE reward ? He keep using the “this mark to tell other that you belong to me” sentence >__> and of course most of people think it’s *~hot*~ since he’s an attractive guy…

      Haha you have seen that too –” I don’t know whether I can blame the producer for blatantly said that all the characters from the anime is inspired from real life skater >__> …And honestly the fandom is currently on fire since there’s a kissing scene between the main characters…I just hoping those fans will stop sending those creepy message –” Yeah, I have seen fans that harassing Tom Hiddelston and Benedict Cumberbatch which pretty rude and creepy since those are real life people not a mere character -___-. It’s more worse for the kpop idols from what I heard, some are getting stalked to their hotel when they’re staying at other countries and there’s lot but most are pretty disturbing

      • I usually think that with games where the characters are adults (20+), the writing will be mature. Of course there are exceptions with individual characters and character relationships *coughAyatocough*, but I expect them to still act like adults. I still haven’t touched it so I have no idea what the Flirt Time thing is. Is it like the social version of raising points or something?

        I actually loved Nobunaga’s route, but as I said, he never did anything like that to affect the heroine the way that Shingen did. And it’s even more apparent considering how differently the two are portrayed. Nobunaga portrays himself as someone that is expected to do awful things. From what I’ve seen of Shingen, though, Shingen is not as ruthless. He’s even been really kind, so it’s very jarring and more of a shock to see him force himself on someone as if it’s no big deal. I SAW THAT AND JUST FELT SO UNCOMFORTABLE. Like wtf why would Voltage use THAT line of all things???

        That might be part of it, but it wouldn’t be wrong to say that that’s just how some fans are. They ship anyone and everyone they see with each other, sometimes with no other reason that they just want to do it. It becomes a problem when fans stop seeing their idols and other famous people as anything other than actual people. It’s as if they can look at, say, Tom Hiddelston and see him as only a character they can do whatever they want with, with the mindset of “he is mine”. I can’t stand it.

        • lemonadetea

          Yeah I used to think like that, we used to get a game like IYAT where the writing is so great, the setting is quite realistic and somehow liar is more like gossip girl adult version -__-. But I already heard some gossip about the recent voltage game translation are now are done by voltage USA branch and not by the Japanese branch anymore…It is true ? If this true then this is the reason why we get some brash translation ? o__O
          Yep, flirt time is like point raising on party game, you need a certain amount of flirt point to unlock all the endings…

          True that, I always felt Nobunaga route is like that because he’s has been always look like someone who didn’t reluctant to kill people if he deem as “useless” but he’s changing in the end of his route somehow. I agree with Shingen, He’s portrayed as someone who pretty wise but they decide to screw him at the common route >__>. When I saw the message I just -___-, I don’t want to think what will happened on his event route now…

          I actually prefer if the producer just vaguely mention the skaters name, since we know that fans of BL undertones anime are the most lousy and rabid fans, they didn’t reluctantly accuse you as homophobic if you didn’t like their same sex ship orz. Yeah, I remember lot of people are harassing ton of actors because they can’t differentiate between the character and the real life actor. Some are even sending hate mail to the actors’ spouse saying they’re slut who steal their “”husband” wtf.

          • The other thing about it is that the heroine (and I’m guessing the other characters, too) is going into her 30’s, isn’t she? I could probably forgive that kind of talking if she were a lot younger, like maybe early 20’s, but come on. Even in GG: P, I found that kind of talking constantly kicking me out of the story. Oh what, seriously??? Welp, there goes the chances of getting really good translations anymore. I imagine everything’s going to be hyped up just to “cater to Westerners”. = =

            Oh wow. I guess it really is like a social game without the “social” aspect. Can you still raise points even if you’ve reached the ending branching?

            Nobunaga is actually a nice person, but he’s convinced himself that being a nice person isn’t going to do anything for him, so he makes himself out to be an awful one (a least to his enemies and retainers, he has no trouble getting along with children and villages). But again, Nobunaga is externally an awful person. If he does something terrible, it won’t come as much of a surprise to anyone. Shingen has been nothing but welcoming and kind to the people around him. Of everything I’ve played where Shingen is around, there has never been any sort of indication of him doing anything even close to what he did in the common route. It’s just so weird that the writer would do something like that. At the very least there should have been something said or implied about it sometime before Shingen’s route was released. And why use that line in the event? There was nothing enjoyable about the scene that the line was connected to. Even if it was connected to a completely different scene in his route, it doesn’t change the fact that the scene in the common route is the only one we know of. It just feels like a character has been ruined for me, and I really wish it wasn’t. I skipped through his event route. I didn’t want to bother reading through it while he still bothered me.

            I think it’s nice for producers to say who and what their inspirations are, but it’s ridiculous how some fans will take it. Just because people in fiction do well together doesn’t mean real-life versions of them will. To believe “these two people are soul mates in anime, they must marry in real life!” is i n s a n e. Going after the people in the real-life person’s life is just going way too far. There’s no excuse for any of that.

          • lemonadetea

            We never knew how old the heroine is, but she’s probably on her late 20s or early 30s…hence I don’t understand why she talk and act like a teenager…Most of the guys are also pretty old too, there’s one character on his 40s If I’m not wrong. I still can understand why ggp has more westernized translation but most of the translation makes me -___-” a lot too lol. It’s still a rumor but I’m not surprised if is true, there’s lot of out of place translation on the recent games….Oh, I read from your tumblr that people complaining about the rion (Mad Hatter) story, what really happened ? It’s because the story is come from the sns game ? o__o.

            Yeah it’s similar to sns games without the socialization thing….I didn’t play too long so I don’t know how the point system work >< I just still loss at word until now..

          • I remember playing a bit of the very beginning before I stopped, and the heroine said she and her boyfriend were nearing their 30’s, so I can only assume they’re in their late 20’s. GG: P, as much as I don’t like the talk, is excusable because it’s a story of American teenagers that takes place in the U.S. I recently played Rhion’s route in KbtBB and it went by really smoothly, so I enjoyed it. There wasn’t anything that made it weird or anything. Hopefully the translations stay that way regardless of who does the translation work. I haven’t played anything else recently, so I can’t say anything about those. I don’t think I’d be able to stand another BMP/SLB: P translation…. Oh yeah, there’s complaints about how the system and story are changed. Apparently, some people didn’t actually READ what was going on with his story about it being AU (from Love Trap) and quit the story because the Love Meter wasn’t going the way they wanted it to. They didn’t like the idea of having to make the correct choices to get the CG’s, and then got mad only AFTER they bought it because they didn’t freakin read what they were buying.

            The conflicts that Nobunaga endures breaks my heart ; ; I remember an event saying that Nobunaga is good with children because he had to raise his other siblings. I love seeing him around children! I can’t say I was looking forward to Shingen’s route since I wasn’t very interested in it, but I didn’t expect THAT. Wtf, he did that??? Lol welp not gonna read that. It baffles me, too. Why get after any of the other guys for their behavior, but not say a thing about Shingen???

            What the heck? Honestly, I think your friend should apologize. The artist has no obligation to do what their followers want. If the artist wants to draw Yuri on Ice, then they have every right to do it regardless of what their followers think. The blog belongs to the artist. All your friend really had to tell the artist was that the artist was drawing art that she wasn’t fond of. It shouldn’t have escalated to her being harsh to the artist. Hearing her go off on the artist and that she blocked you just for saying that makes me think she’s being childish, ignoring other people’s feelings and opinions for her own feelings. I believe that you were absolutely in the right and that your friend was in the wrong. An artist will make what they want in their own spaces. Unless it’s for pay or a commission, there’s no obligation to do what other people tell them to.

          • lemonadetea

            Oh that’s pretty good to hear ! I haven’t played any of voltage newest games (Era of Samurai and the recent criminal one…) so I just only see the translation of slbp for now ^^; I just really hope they will improve their translation quality from now on lol. Haha…I’m not surprised seeing the fandom has lot of reading comprehension issue, I still remember someone mistaken voltage’s one year issue thing with their app lmao.

            Yeah I’m not surprised seeing him can get along with children, he’s one of the oldest sibling If I’m not mistaken…I believe Mitsunari is also very good with children right ? The “sea cucumber” thing is so creepy and he also done it on the front of all his retainers -__-, It’s a plain sexual harassment to me since the heroine didn’t know that Shingen will feed her mouth to mouth orz. Yeah, I remember seeing people grilled Mitsuhide as “boring”, Mitsunari as “rude” and of course Ieyasu as the token douchebag but apparently it’s okay for Shingen to sexually assault the heroine since apparently he’s a ~Sex God~ *vomit*

            Yeah, I’m shocked seeing my friend doing something like that….It’s pretty shitty and rude as fuck to the artist who didn’t do anything wrong. Since I’m still blocked I’m going send an email from my throwaway account. I get that the yuri on ice hype are tiring lot of people, including me but it’s still doesn’t give anyone an excuse to harassing people. I already explained to her that the hype will dies soon since next year there will be a bigger anime will be aired (Ao no Exorcist season 2 and Attack on Titan season 2). I actually loathe people like her who often harassing and demanding artists or writers to made something that appealing to them, without considering the artists / writers feeling -__-. Thank you for your thoughtful comment ! It’s makes me glad that I’m not the only one who thought this is so rude –“

          • I haven’t even had time to read through any of the SLB: P stories lately. It’s kind of releaving to play the events and just skip through everything without having to stress about reading time. But at the same time, I end up not reading them at all……. I can only hope the translation quality is getting better. I’m still baffled over BMP: P’s, and that was a year ago… Nothing should ever be so bad that you still remember it an entire year later ugh…… One year issue? The one about deleting data after a year of non-use or something like that? I don’t quite understand that either, but I can’t even remember what the thing said. I just know I wasn’t in a panic like everyone was….

            I don’t quite remember, but I’m pretty sure he is. Same for Mitsunari, I can’t remember but I believe he is. I do remember that he was very shy with the heroine’s mother because… well, yeah ; ; . “Sea cucumber”??? Do I even want to know what that is??? Egh, I seriously don’t want to read that. Ew wtf??? How is Mitsuhide being “boring” worse than Shingen sexually assaulting the heroine?????????????????? And Mitsunari was never rude enough to warrant that kind of hate. Especially not when compared to Shingen.

            The artist did nothing wrong. Honestly, the only person who should feel bad about doing anything is your friend. I can’t stand people like that either. The artist is making all that art for free, for themselves, and on their own time. They can draw and make whatever the heck they want. That goes for writing, too. You’re welcome! I can’t imagine that anyone with a right mind would be against your opinion. There is legitimately no excuse for the way your friend acted towards the artist and to you.

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