[Gossip Girl: PARTY] Izaac Martin Part 3 Guide

(Please take into consideration that I haven’t completed this route using this guide, but these answers should be correct. If they are not, please feel free to let me...


(Please take into consideration that I haven’t completed this route using this guide, but these answers should be correct. If they are not, please feel free to let me know so that it can be corrected.)

Episode 1: A Moment’s Respite
B: “Look, uh…”
A: “You worry too much.”

Episode 2: The Life
A: “Did you get them yourself?”
A: Joke about it.

Episode 3: Making Headlines
B: “I dunno the details.”
A: “You’d be just as let down.”

Episode 4: Exit Light
A: “Maybe I’ll go to Fred’s bar.”
B: “Still swamped?”

Episode 5: Enter Night
A: “Tell him I’ll be fine.”
A: “I’ll try to avoid being alone.”

Episode 6: A Touch of Magic
B: “Do you believe me?”
A: “I wanted to talk to you in person.”

Episode 7: The Strategist
B: “Izaac would not get mad.”
A: “I know what I saw!”

Episode 8: Twisted
A: “I’m just doing what I can.”
B: “Should I tell Izaac?”

Episode 9: The Thin Line
A: Say something.
A: “A little more waiting won’t hurt any.”

Episode 10: Whispers (Super Happy End)
No selection

Episode 10: Changes (Happy End)
No selection

Epilogue: Closer
No selection


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  • lemonadetea

    Hello shabby ! I know that this is not related to voltage / otome games, but I’ve seen your post on tumblr about tales of series…it is the JRPG ? I know that steam and PSN have a sale for most of their games and I actually played most of tales games even the untranslated games (which most of them are more superior than the translated one orz”). I really hope I’m not mixed up with other “tales of” games >< since the only tales of series I've heard is a JRPG genre ^^; If you want to hear my opinion, I will be gladly share my experience.

    • Yes, that one! I saw a DS game for it at a store once in a clearance bin, and I was interested in it, but it was like $40 and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try and get into it if I ended up not liking it. I’m not a fan of turn-based gaming, and a lot of RPG’s tend to be that way, so I’m at a loss. Do give me your opinion! I won’t be able to play the original Japanese ones, but I’d at least like to know what I’d be getting myself into if I do try it out!

      • lemonadetea

        Sure, I tried my best to not biased to certain installment *get bricked*. Well, first of all, tales series is like FF series, all the game are not related to each other but there’s some installment that get a sequel (I’ll explain later for that lol) and honestly, most of the stories can be little bit cliched with ton of anime tropes but their main selling point is the character interaction and maybe the battle system if you want like action RPG compared to the traditional ATB system (earlier FF series), and may I know the title of the DS tales game you see ? ^^

        The battle system itself is mostly action RPG, so you need to plan your strategy especially if you’re going to battling most of the boss, and since each game also have a different system (one game has a very complicated battle system but it’s very fun lol) it’s more better to check the battle system on youtube, lot of people have video for most of the games ^^. The also have grade system, grade itself is very important if you plan to play on the new game+ (you cleared the game once, load the clear save data and you can use your obtained grade to let’s say, you want to increase the item capacity from 15 to 20, or you want to carry your obtained item from previous gameplay. You can get grade if you perform great on your battle, example : you finish the enemies with 5 chain, finish the battle on 30 seconds and so on.

        And I also give some of my thought over some of the games I’ve played, I only start from their PS2 era to DS day :
        Destiny Remake (PS2) : This game is actually a remake from the psx era, they overhaul the battle system, adding more content, and even rewriting the story ! It’s one of the most loved installment in Japan, the battle system is pretty fun and the stories is not really that bad even though can be little bit cliched…sadly it’s a Japan only game orz”

        Destiny II (PS2/PSP) : The sequel of destiny, sadly I didn’t really like this game compared to the prequel, the battle system is very unbalance and can be pretty hard to most of newcomer…and the story itself makes me asleep lot of time ^^; I’m not really recommend this one, since it’s little bit ruined the first game to me…and it’s Japan only again orz

        Symphonia (PS2/Steam) : It one of the most love game on the western tales fandom, compared to the other two they used 3D instead of 2D, the battle is more easier compared to former two too, so I always recommend this one to newcomer since it’s not really that hard but the dungeon can be a little bit annoying ^^;

        Rebirth (PS2/PSP) : My personal favorite ! I really love the battle system, it’s very complicated but once you get hang onto it, it’s pretty easy ^^; I just adore the main character so much but I’m not denying that not everyone are going to like him, since he’s lot more colder and little bit rude compared to most of the protagonist of the series. The stories are also a little bit heavier, due to racism issue and whatnot. and it’s another untranslated tales of game -__-”

        Abyss (PS2/3DS) : Another tales of installment that very popular in western fandom, and the battle system is almost similar to symphonia. The difficulty is not hard except for the last few dungeon and the bonus dungeon…The main character is little bit self centered and annoying at the beginning of the game but mellowed out later, same as symphonia, I recommend to play this if you still new to the series.

        Actually I also have played some of their DS titles (Innocence, Hearts, and Tempest) but since I never finish it (I just didn’t enjoy both installment compared to the one I mentioned), so I can’t give my opinion about those games..Honestly, I felt the series itself has been little bit disappoint me, most of their PS3 titles are not really on par compared to their older titles, whether it’s the battle system or the story. Also from what I heard, even in Japan itself the sales for the newer games are so pale compared to the older games

        Wow, I really end up wrote down an essay. I’m sorry, I hope you didn’t get intimidated by my post ^^; I still recommend you to see some video on youtube since It’s pretty hard to me to explaining the battle system by word ^^;;

        • So sorry for the late relpy! > <;; I just noticed my reply didn't get sent ''OTL

          It's fine! So it doesn't matter if you play the games in order or not? I know there's a lot in the series, and I've always disliked not starting from the beginning, but if it doesn't matter then it should be fine, right? I can't remember the title of the DS game, unfortunately. I tried looking for it in the clearance bin again, but I haven't been able to find it ; ;

          Oh gosh, that's what I was afraid of…. I'm not good at stragety at all ;;OTL It sounds like I really need to study for a game before I get to playing it to make sure I don't ruin it /sobs

          Have you played all/most of the games in Japanese? It's disappointing to hear that a really good game didn't make it in English…. If you recommend Symphonia to newcomvers, I'll give it a try. I'll have to get it on Steam, though, so hopefully I can get to play it. Tales of Abyss is a newer game, right? It sounds really familiar, and seeing it as a 3DS game kind of rings a bell of something I've heard not too long ago. I'll look into it for the 3DS, too.

          Oh, now that you mention it, the game might have been Tempest. From what it sounds like, the series has been going on for a very long time, so it's no surprise that it's starting to decline in sales/popularity/etc.. It's rather disappointing, though, that any chance I have of playiyng the good games are very slim for me….

          It's fine! I'm glad you went into detail, otherwise I would still be very confused about the games. I'll do that, so do you recommend which game I should look for on Youtube first?