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(Please take into consideration that I haven’t completed this route using this guide, but these answers should be correct. If they are not, please feel free to let me know so that it can be corrected.)

*Note: Since it looks like a lot of the choices in Roberto’s route are glitched, any choice with a ! next to it will mean that someone has told me that they did not get the “Good Choice” pop up for that answer but I was not able to confirm it myself. If anyone is willing to choose the other answer to see if they get the “Good Choice” for it, I’d greatly appreciate it if you let me know what the result was.

Episode 1: The Castle’s Wall
A: When in Rome…
B: Why do you want to leave?

Episode 2: Commemorating the Start of a Friendship
A: Tell him to stop
A: Gently let him down

Episode 3: Love’s Cupid!?
B: We really should go
B: Let him in

Episode 4: Alone in His Room
A: …like sweets?
B: Your hair is naturally curly?

Episode 5: Irreplaceable
A: Talk about the silk shirt
B: Admit that you had it put away

Episode 6: Friends Through a Window
B: Have some because you want it
B: Say it is a business relationship

Episode 7: A Growing Crush
! **A: Do what Roberto wants *B: Do what Alberto wants
B: Thank you very much.

*“A: Do what Roberto wants” should have been the right answer, but, as Maria Jovanovic pointed out on 4/18/15, it gives the “That answer could have been better” popup. I’m pretty sure it didn’t before, so I’d be happy if anyone could let me know if it’s just a recent thing or not.
**Update: OK SO Emily Cunningham says she tried it and chose “B: Do what Alberto wants”, and it also gave her the “That answer could have been better” popup. This has to be a bug because there is no way they’re both wrong. If you encounter this, I suggest contacting Voltage Inc. through the Support option of the app and tell them that the choices are bugged and, if you chose A, tell them you didn’t get credit for the choice. I’d be more than happy if someone let’s me know if and when this is fixed. For the meantime, though, definitely contact Voltage about it.
Update #2: Wobbly pointed out on 5/14/15 that choosing “A: Do what Roberto wants” gave her the “Good Choice” popup and also gave her Chemistry. It seems that the bug has been fixed, but do contact Voltage if you do not get the Chemistry for that choice.

Episode 8: Moving Back Home!?
B: Grab it before he can
B: Don’t try to hide the photo

Episode 9: A Keepsake from the Queen
A: Go along with it
A: Say “I knew that!”

Episode 10: Runway
A: Well, it is a contest after all
! *A: I really didn’t

*“A: I really didn’t” should have been the right answer, but was previously said to not give the “Good Choice” popup or Chemistry. Vivian pointed out on 5/17/15 that choosing “A: I really didn’t” gave her the “Good Choice” popup and also gave her Chemistry. It seems that the bug has been fixed, but do contact Voltage if you do not get the Chemistry for that choice.

Episode 11: A City’s Love Song
B: Asked him, “Really?”
A: Keep holding onto his hand

Episode 12: The Lingering Kiss
A: Mention the interviewer
A: Try asking

Episode 13: Fate of the Necklace
A: Ask him why he did it
A: “Be happy.”

Episode 14: For Roberto…
A: Make a joke
A: I’m sorry

Episode 15: Snow in the City
No selection

Epilogue: Good Morning, Princess
No selection

November 17, 2014
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  • Rach Green

    Hi. For episode 10, the answer should be ‘sorry’ instead of ‘I really didn’t.’

    • Shabby

      Hello! Thank you for letting me know! I’ll get it fixed up right away!

    • Hello! Thank you for letting me know! I’ll get it fixed up right away!

      • Maria Jovanovic

        I tried “sorry” and it said “it could have been better” D:

        • Shabby

          Ah, I just checked, and “A: I really didn’t” is the correct answer. I’ll get it fixed right up!

  • Maria Jovanovic

    In episode 7 i tried the answer “do what Roberto wants” and it said “it could have been better” :x

    • Shabby

      That’s weird… that should be the correct answer, but I got the same as you. I’ll get it fixed right up!

  • Emily Cunningham

    I just tried the ‘Do what Alberto wants’ and it told me the answer ‘could’ve been better’. I’m not sure what happened if the other option does that too.

    • Shabby

      wtf?????? Ok, this has to be a bug in the system. There is no way both of them are wrong. So “Do what Roberto wants” is the correct answer, but they bug isn’t counting it as such, I guess? Try contacting Voltage through the Support option. I checked and I didn’t get Chemistry for choosing A., so it really should be fixed as soon as possible. Not sure why it would get bugged now when it’s been out for some time….

      Is that the only one that has happened for you today?

    • Emily Cunningham

      Yup. The others work just fine, which was why it was kinda weird.

  • Pinky

    Hi the answer “Tell him to stop” gave me a “could’ve been better” pop up.. :) I don’t know which is which bc based on thw comments here so maybe this is another bug in Rob’s route?

  • Shabby

    I went back and tried it, and I got the “Good choice!” pop up for the answer “A: Tell him to stop.” Someone else had a similar problem in Sleepless Cinderella: PARTY where one of the choices they made gave them the “Could’ve been better” pop up, but gave me the “Good choice!” pop up when I tried it shortly after. I don’t know if it’s a glitch in the PARTY system, but hopefully it gets fixed soon….

  • Wobbly

    In episode 10, for the second choice, I chose “I really didn’t” and got a “That choice could’ve been better.” message for it. ): I’m not sure if anyone else had that problem or not, though, sinceI don’t see anyone mentioning it. That said, I didn’t get that message for the first choice in episode 7, so… Maybe Roberto’s route is just kinda glitchy? 0:

    • Shabby

      Agh, that should have been the answer. I can’t try it myself yet, but it looks to be a similar glitch to the other options. I’ll go ahead and make a marker to show which choices seem to be glitched. Thank you!

      Wait, for Episode 7, you didn’t get the “That answer could have been better” popup for picking A: Do what Roberto wants? Did you get the Good Choice one instead?

      Ugh, this is so annoying. I don’t remember any problems myself, but back in the GREE version there were a lot of people saying that Roberto’s route was glitched = =

    • Wobbly

      No, when I did what Roberto wanted in Episode 7, it counted it as the correct answer. Chemistry up and everything! The one that seemed wrong was in Ep. 10, but… As I said, it seems there may be a bug here or there. ):
      Thank you for the warnings on mentioned incorrections/possible glitches, this guide and you have been really helpful!

      • Shabby

        That’s so weird. Maybe the one for Episode 7 has been fixed? I’ll make a note of it. It’s ridiculous that they can put in the costs and effort to butcher the translations but don’t bother making sure the bugs from GREE are fixed….

        You’re welcome! I’m glad to hear that we’ve been of help! ^^ Do let me know again if you encounter any more problems or need any help!

  • vivian

    In episode 10 choosing both answer A. Well, it is a contest after all and A. I really didn’t got me both “Good Choice”.

    • Shabby

      Alrighty, I’ll make a note of it! Thanks so much!

    • Alrighty, I’ll make a note of it! Thanks so much!

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